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C.K.Prahalad on $20 entrepreneurs from India

January 27, 2006

Prahalad is known for his out of the box corporate management and strategy lessons. BusinessWeek covers Prahalad’s radical views on how the East Asian economies will have a far reaching impact in the western corporate boardrooms. As he quotes while taking a cab drive through the streets of Mumbai,

With the world’s cheapest telecom rates, all you need here is a phone and a $20 card to start a business. He notices a busy closet-sized shop charging a few pennies per page to send faxes. “That guy probably started with a single phone and then added a fax and printer. Now he has a self-contained communications center offering extremely low prices.”

Prahlad stops his cab and visits a small shop and asks the owner to let him behind the counter to observe closely on his trade. He notices global brands such as Head & Shoulders, Colgate, Pears Lifebuoy and Lux.

Prahlad further adds,

Low wages alone can’t account for such price gaps with the West, Prahalad contends. The real secret is ingenious cost-cutting practices, such as extreme reliance on outsourcing, novel use of technology, and making the most of capital investment. “These are radical innovations,”

In the context of this statement, I feel Prahlad is so right about his predictions. The first thing that stuck to my mind is this company, which sells Web related products and has resellers and customers worldwide. It probably started in a garage and is the cheapest domain reseller in the world today. Anybody who wants to venture into web hosting related business can start with a mere capital of $90 with no hidden fees and excellent customer service. In 2001 came into limelight because it was the cheapest domain reseller directly poaching customers from Networksolutions. But today is a bigger threat to Godaddy due to the formers low and efficient cost of working with high quality customer service. After low cost manufacturing, I feel that online businesses will feel the pinch sooner.


Bloggers rant, CES a disappointment ?

January 10, 2006

Thanks to Prof. Word(Unfortunately he doesn’t blog) who taught me everything about the Embedded world and didn’t hesitate to call Microsoft’s embedded initiative an oxymoron. Check out my previous posts on Google and Microsoft which elaborated that they didn’t really focus on the CES topics. The media pampered GYM; Well they were keynote speakers, can’t help it. Om points out that the show really shyed away serious innovators in the embedded arena and might face the same fate as COMDEX. Gaming-360, PS3Countdown calls it a major disappointment…. Lets hope that in future CES reviews keynote presenters products before they disappoint their audience.

Hello world!

December 23, 2005

Thank you for letting me blog here for FREE! Sure the signup process took 3 days because of a bug in your system, which wouldn’t let me choose the username – “patil”. Then another bug didn’t let me post until today(2nd Jan), though the blog was created on 23rd Dec, 05. Oho! well I can’t complain as it was the holiday season.

As the name suggests, their is not one specific category on which I will be writing. Most topics will be from Technology however, I will also touch on Movies,Finance to Democracy in India and sometimes in the world. That’s really a wide subject, sure it is. Oho! I am always in quest for something and which other place can be better than this.

Wondering what is “A NTL Blog” ? NTL – Nothing To Lose. Courtesy:Be Cool

Cheers & Welcome!