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Ravindra Patil – Salman Khan Hit & Run case – The Wretched Witness

July 8, 2013

Everybody knows that one person was killed and four others were injured when an inebriated Salman Khan rammed his Landcruiser onto the steps of A1 Bakery at the turning near Mehboob Studios in Bandra in the wee hours of September 28, 2002.

But perhaps we don’t remember that the incident claimed one more life later. In the course of the case another strapping young man died a slow but painful death on the cold floors of a government hospital at Sewri in Mumbai. He had nobody from his family around during his final hours.

Such was the misfortune of this man that nobody from his family even came forward to claim the body immediately after his death. They were not even aware that he had died.

The handsome young man was reduced to a bag of bones (more…)


Ravindra Patil: The death of a messenger

July 8, 2013

This Post Was originally Written by Banerjee, Soumyadipta of Original Author has removed the same. Here is a Reproduction under FreeSpeech.

In India, the testimony of the prime witness is considered the most important document in a criminal case, which often influences the final verdict.

In the 2002 hit-and-run case of Salman Khan, the man who found himself in the epicenter of the controversy, was the prime witness of the case — constable Ravindra Patil.

Those close to Patil admitted that he was under enormous pressure to change his statement.

There were many who wanted Patil to change his statement. They preferred that Patil maintain that Salman leaned back to listen to him seconds before he lost control of the wheel. This would mean that the accident was caused by a ‘human error’ and not because he was drunk. (more…)