Tropos routers a FONero ? A Win-Win for all.

I am not quite certain why Google is so aggressively pursuing network infrastructure, so I will believe in what John Battelle is saying,

Yes, but what if you need that distribution(internet) to run those high margin services over? More as the Superbowl buzz wears off.

I was thinking on how FONero movement can succeed. Tropos immediately struck to my mind. Oho! Ya Tropos’ WMR was an original & unique idea I had presented in my Network Appliance Design class 5 years ago. Lets analyze how Tropos can help FON and Google.

Tropos’ mesh network is a wi-max clone(not exactly) and is successfuly deployed in several places. Tropos’ 5210 routers form the private mesh network with only few of them acting as Internet gateways. Consumers use Tropos’ 3210 routers to connect to 5210 private network and thus to the WWW. Now for instance lets imagine all the 5210s and 3210s were to act as Fonero, then someone like me who needs to connect to the WWW can opt for either of those connections, depending on cost/speed. I can also use a VoIP based phone(a Google Talk enabled phone ?) just like a cell phone within the network. FON & its partners should consider talking to Tropos(and similar companies if any) to act as FONeros.


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    Here is Martin’s reply.

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