GOOG-Dell and Pack an Insider’s View

The deal is not as straight forward as it is reported in the press. Here are some of my thoughts. I don’t expect it to be the same pack for enterprise customers of Dell. NEC members are likely to offer more through GOOG-Dell channel. GOOG has several partners(currently known) in the PACK – Lavasoft, Symantec and Real which give a trial licenses. Once user converts trial into perpetual license, GOOG gets a cut out of it(Greater than 50% as of the time of release of GOOG pack, not sure what it is now). The story doesn’t end here. A dozen engineers(not dropouts) are working on optimizing Star/Open Office which will go into GOOG PACK this year. If this DELL-GOOG pack succeeds, then expect some more partners to queue in front of GooglePlex.
This deal may hurt GOOG’s immediate bottomline which it might compensate from other sources. What GOOG does is always right 😉 except Larry and Sergey selling their own stock 😦


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