Microsoft adLabs Mantra-Shop Live, Don’t Search!

Microsoft quietly announced the progress it has made in search and digital advertising fields by announcing its adCenter. I am still skeptical about Microsoft narrowing the gap significantly with Google in search technology. However, from June-2006, Microsoft’s contract with Yahoo/Overture for advertising on MSN network will expire and MSN will part ways with Yahoo. Also note Microsoft’s fiscal year ends in June.

If Multimedia(Audio, Video, Gaming, et. al) applications are set to rule the web, then looking at today’s announcement from an insider’s perspective, I see terrific potential for the passionate :-P. Microsoft is sitting on a stack of Multimedia Streaming and Advertising patents. NO NO! They don’t mention the patents are for advertising but they do mention embeding URIs in Multimedia. Check out their patent list here.

I am crazy about Tennis and right from my teens have always changed the racket when Andre Agassi did. With Microsoft’s adLabs technology, I don’t have to go on searching which racket is Agassi using now. While watching US Open live, I can shop for it with few clicks. Check out this exclusive presentation. With one click you will enable the embedded URI’s in the image and on second click you are ready to add to cart 🙂 You can shop for your just about anything that you watch. Shop Live, Don’t “SEARCH” ;-). Can you imagine the potential market ?

InternetOutsider, Henry in his blog claims that Microsoft has lost the web war, but do you really think it has ? MSFT might have lost the war on two fronts, Search & Tools. But while Google Talks and settles it’s VoIP patent lawsuit, and then tries to mature it’s flaky Google Video Player, Microsoft with it’s best player would have delivered.

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