GOOG $2000 or $100, check out…

As I was reading Henry Blodget’s post on the Google’s bear, someone said that Henry just copied this from For the stock to hit $100, their earnings should fall back to $0.50, which doesn’t seem to be possible. However, technically speaking a correction in the stock is long overdue and should happen anytime soon.

Allright, as said earlier, I am still very concerned by the huge amount of stocks, GOOG insiders are liquidating, this is abnormally high. GOOG has 1/10th the number of employees and 1/8th the revenues of Microsoft but Googlers including Larry and Sergey have liquidated $4.3 billion in stocks in 2005 compared to $2.2 billion by Microsofties. The least liquidation comes from Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft. Check out for other pranks by Google.


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