Re: Om Mailk’s What is Huawei ?

Huawei is known for creating controversies around the world. They first stole CISCOs IP and later agreed to co-operate under pressure. In India they are part of bigger controversy. In 2001, they were suspected by the Government of India for spying; their close ties with Chinese Military and our neighbor Pakistan had put the company under Indian intelligence radar before clearing their proposals for expansion. Now they joined hands with Himachal Futurustic Comunications Ltd, which has equally bad reputation in India for rigging telecom licenses during Narsimha Rao’s period and looting investors like Kerry Packer during the 2000 boom. Huawei & HFCL failed to supply BSNL’s CDMA equipment order and thus got themselves automatically disqualified for BSNL’s larger upcoming tender of 60 million GSM lines. Hope Dayanidhi Maran is listening.


One Response to “Re: Om Mailk’s What is Huawei ?”

  1. ganesh Says:

    It is no wonder this has happened from China. But the sad fact is that till 2000, I thought that India is the only country which is intelligent in knowing the global implications and protecting our interests. But during the past 5 years I see all cautions thrown to the wind……and we want to forge ahead at any cost including losing our national interests and China must have been waiting for this opportunity….as their track records are known to Americans too…..But it suits their interests of cheaper prices…..only when the IT businesses have started coming to India with our knowlege power, they want to wake-up and again may join only China to punish India, as we have not concentrated on forging ahead in manufacturing of our own….I see a flood of only MNC mfg….with locals can’t compete with them. All of a sudden whatever we learnt as how to be a swadeshi we have overnight just opened the door open to become videshis…..with no protection for local businesses and their growth…….How manyTV, fridege manufacturers are closed……for example. We need a strong Government to take care of our national interests and stop their old ways of only politics or siding blind with one of the superpowers like we did earlier with Russia and now maybe USA…..Benefits out of all this goes to China only…..We are interested in imparting onlyour knowledge to others by setting up NIIT’s in China and now IIM’s in Singapore….so that Singapore can transfer it to ‘China….God bless India.

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