Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao Wedding Photos!

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Aamir Khan ties the knot again with Bangalore(a.k.a Bengaluru) girl Kiran Rao at Panchgani. Kiran Rao was his assistant director on the sets of his movie Laagan. Click here to view the album.

Courtesy: Dr. Kini


22 Responses to “Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao Wedding Photos!”

  1. Amy Says:

    Handsome guys have ugly choices- a known fact – just proved by AK
    But anyways- Looks are deceptive… so all the best to both of you…

  2. Vishwa Says:

    Well Amy i don’t know how good looking you are but i definitely like kiran’s look and for your info my friends consider me a handsome guy!!

    PS – Beauty is skin deep

  3. rashmi Says:

    well said vishwa!!

  4. Fatmia Says:

    May they have a wonderful life…

  5. daisy trujillo Says:

    I am from Panama in Central America and my mother tongue is Spanish therefore my english is not so good.

    I have had the opportunity to see some month ago the movie Lagaan and I was wondered for this excellent movie, exeptional music and the actuation of Mr. Amir ( This was my first hindi movie and consecuently the first movie with Amir) was one of the best I have seen, then I became fan to Amir. I just begun to get information about him ( In Panama we do not receive music of films from India in spite here live a considerables people from India) And I Knew hw is one of the most important contemporany hindi actor.

    I hope he became very Happy with his new wife and I would like the opportunity to get more movies where he plays a rol.

  6. Nere Says:

    Well i know for a fact that Aamir has chosen a good wife and i hope that they will live a long successful marriage.

  7. HINA Says:


  8. syed israr raza Says:

    hy amir,
    you are always wonderful and amazing. really great you are

    good luck for your life

  9. pari Says:

    amir jee first of all i wish u happy life with ur new wife but i am wondering how come ur love life ended this way as i know ur first marrige was love marrige ???????

  10. daisy trujillo Says:

    What happened with this page? nobody write on it? why?

  11. Christina Rojas Says:

    Hola Daisy,
    yo soy canadiense pero mi esposo es dominicano. Mi primera pelicula en hindi fue Lagaan tambien y me quede encantada con bollywood y especialmente con este actor, Aamir Khan. Mi esposo no lo comprende y en chiste me llama “la Punjabi”. El es chistoso. Viste la pelicula “Fanaa”? Es buena tambien.

  12. sadia Says:

    Hello Aamir

    Main aapki shuru se fan rahi aur aaj tak hu but i want to know the reason of living your first wife. As far as i know that may be this second marriage didnt affect u but it surely effects your children. Nothing to say but its really disappointing decision u have taken.


  13. pc Says:

    i think its ridiculous to see someone like him just decide to break 3 relations to make one with woman half his age. He should have atleast thought of his children. And it’s even more stupid to find the papers and people wishing him all the best and that so many women are heartbroken. No one is heartbroken….we have just lost respect for someone who had really taken years to build up his image..

  14. Qaami Says:

    Hi Amir
    i am a big fan of you, you are genious you are smart you are handsome i love your Rang de basanti movie in this movie you are still looking very smart i like it you know you are one of the most handsome hero in all bollywood actor but why you chosen this wife she is looking like grandma you can choose any one of the beautiful girls in the all over the world when i see your new wife pics i am so sad any way its your choice you know better then us God bless you have a good life with your new wife

  15. Qayam Says:

    I don’t belive this amir i don’t believe this i was a big fan of you now i hate you i hate you !!!you suck !!!you are married with grandma any way fuck her hard and fuck one time from me have a good Fuck but i don’t belive how you fuck that grandma oh sory sory don’t fuck from me becouse i am fucking under 18girls she is so old any way have a good fuck with old pussy

  16. max Says:

    hi amir at the first why you didnt getmarrige with Perety or rani and maybe some other beautifull actress?

  17. sreys Says:

    hi aamir,i luv u very much.

    God bless u.

  18. sambhav Says:

    aamir ssab ko yeh saab shobh nahi deta

  19. sambhav Says:

    goood very good

  20. krishna Says:

    hai amy,r u mad to marry a girl with such odd look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  21. ruby Says:

    I don’t even get it. Josh Holloway, famous model and actor marries his wife, whose name I don’t remember, and everyone applauds him for not picking a gorgeous model. (She is cute but kind of plain). To most American women, his hotness level is even more raised, because he showed himself to be a man of substance rather than chasing young girls.

    Maybe, just maybe our desi actor, Aamir Khan, wanted a woman with a brain between her ears instead of just a idiot with makeup on. He’s had so many beautiful women in his life, maybe this one who is not so pretty has a really good heart. Maybe she supports him and makes him feel good and happy.

    You young boys who never had a beautiful girl, and probably never will, nor will you have Aamir Khans looks or money, you can try to get “angry” with him, or “laugh” at him all you want, because that’s all you’ll be doing at the end. It only shows your insecurity. If he had a model, would that make you feel better? No. Who cares right?

    We all believe in Destiny in the end.

  22. Mohana Says:

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