Bill lost in desktop & VISTA; Move on…

MS’s oldest brand ambassador and one of the oldest key-note speakers for CES, BillG, presented his company’s roadmap. His presentation was impressive but I fail to understand why does he have to speak about desktop VISTA as they are no more considered HOT and neither CES folks are interested in desktop systems. CES clearly list the topics of interest as follows,

>  Audio
>  Digital Imaging
>  Emerging Technology
>  Gaming
>  Home Networking
>  Home Theater/Video
>  Mobile Electronics
>  Wireless

I can’t wait to hear the Microsoft URGE, an online music service in association with MTV. They have really aggressively invested in IPTV initiative. WebTV, UltimateTV, MSNTV and finally Media Center OS. I am a bit confused on what Microsoft wants to promote but it appears that Media Center is the clear winner with 33 Million deployments so far. However, I will wait for another quarter before choosing one fo those or probably from CISCO ?

Their Windows Mobile with Windows Media Player really serves my purpose of Cell-Phone & Music Player combo but the handsets are too bulky right now. However, one thing that’s really cool is the quality of Windows Media Player(WMA & WMV) files. MP3 192Kbps is equivalent to WMA 128Kbps but Microsoft has to fight a long battle to overthrow itunes/aac.

XBox360 is a big hit probably because their is no kernel code from Cutler 😉 Hopefully, Bill is right about online gaming. But at the end of first quarter they have a competitor to fight, Sony, which is launching PlayStation – 3.


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