Hotmail’s new UI to report spam –

Yusuf Mehdi, then MSN head in a channel 9 presentation had told how Microsoft had innovative techniques to control spam. Honestly, a good 12-18 months after his presentation, I haven’t seen any improvement in the number of spam e-mails I receive on HOTMAIL account and hence our geek club passed the resolution that “Use of Hotmail is deprecated in 2006”.

Look at the picture below.(Where are the pics ? This setup is not letting me insert pictures, go tell them, and you won’t find a help on their site, SUCK to be  This is the only change(UI) I am seeing. Well it’s not with every Hotmail user, guess only for privileged ones. Now am I going to list my Hotmail Id on eBay for sale, gimme a break it’s not gmail.


2 Responses to “Hotmail’s new UI to report spam –”

  1. patil Says:

    OK. I uploaded the pic here.

  2. discount code Says:

    very impressive

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