Moore’s Law to Google’s Law

“The number of transitors in a chip doubles every two years”, Gordon Moore

What is Google(Googol) – It is (10^100) i.e 1 followed by 100 zeroes. The complex that houses Googlers is known as GooglePlex(Googolplex) and it is defined as (10 ^ Googol).

The number of web pages on www in 2000 were 2.1 Billion. Their were approximately 8 Billion pages in early 2005(Google’s Index). With Google AdSense and creative advertising, generating revenues for content providers and bloggers, the number of webpages have been growing exponentially on www.

Now with this background lets define Google’s Law. “The number of web-pages or content that can be indexed will grow exponentially and will hit Google(Googol) by 2010 and Googleplex(Googolplex) by 2025



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