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Hello world!

December 23, 2005

Thank you for letting me blog here for FREE! Sure the signup process took 3 days because of a bug in your system, which wouldn’t let me choose the username – “patil”. Then another bug didn’t let me post until today(2nd Jan), though the blog was created on 23rd Dec, 05. Oho! well I can’t complain as it was the holiday season.

As the name suggests, their is not one specific category on which I will be writing. Most topics will be from Technology however, I will also touch on Movies,Finance to Democracy in India and sometimes in the world. That’s really a wide subject, sure it is. Oho! I am always in quest for something and which other place can be better than this.

Wondering what is “A NTL Blog” ? NTL – Nothing To Lose. Courtesy:Be Cool

Cheers & Welcome!